Webinar Invitation: September 13, 2016 @ 11am Eastern

Differentiate (your message) and Drive (location decisions) through Digital (marketing that matters)

It's the "Triple D" of economic development

To differentiate (your message and strategy) is to stand Why-Site-Selectors-Hate-Your-Marketing-Part2.pngapart, to be unique, to tell a story unlike any others. In economic development, it means raising your community profile, and getting noticed as a viable option for companies all over the world.

To drive (location decisions) is to present your very best self in front of prospective buyers. In economic development, it means selling your community's best assets, and aligning them with the needs of expanding or relocating companies.

To go digital (through marketing that matters) is to understand and adopt the methodologies that are working today. In economic development, it means knowing what platforms site selectors are using to find information - and make decisions about - your community.

Join Atlas and AngelouEconomics on September 13 for an interactive webinar where you'll learn to master the "3 D's" of economic development.

"Why Site Selectors Hate Your Marketing" was an awesome webinar. "Differentiate and Drive through Digital" will be an equally great sequel.

We hope you'll join us!